Asli Independent (EP) – Fotty Seven | Kalamkaar Music

Asli Independent is the debut EP by Fotty Seven, releasing in 2020 under Kalamkaar, this EP includes 6 amazing tracks and is the first time Fotty Seven is releasing tracks in bunch, this EP is going to be a banger and inspiration for many rapper and upcoming rappers and also for you amazing listeners. Enjoy and stay connected with us Lyrics Gums!!

Tracks from the EP ‘Asli Independent’ are:

Fotty Seven Kar Diya – Fotty Seven 
OHHHHHHH – Fotty Seven 
Asli Independent EP Asool – Fotty Seven X Talwiinder 
Haath Toh Laga – Fotty Seven X Rebel 7 
Asli Independent EP Baap Se – Fotty Seven X KR$NA 
Kar Lenge Bhai – Fotty Seven X Raftaar X Karma 


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