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Blog #4 : Emiway Bantai New Release, Dino James Upcoming Track, New Music & More

1. Emiway Bantai With Some Inpiration

Emiway’s latest track – ‘Kaun Hai Ye’ has got an amazing response from his audience. The song crossed almost 1 Lakh views within few minutes and has been trending since then. There are some talks that Emiway has poked Raftaar and KR$NA subliminally, we think that’s not true.
You can check Lyrics HERE.

Emiway went live on his instagram to thank all his fans for the overwhelming response he got on his latest track. He said that the video has got all the organic reach & he is proud to be independent. He continued by saying that we don’t need to flex & flaunt being independent and we should support every artist out there. He also hinted that he might collab with Honey Singh & Muhfaad in the near future.

2. Divine Represent India

Recently an American Digital Media Company ‘Genius’ released a video of Divine where we can see him doing lyrical breakdown of his own song KOHINOOR. He becomes the first Indian Hip Hop artist to get featured from their 989 videos of ‘Verified’series. Top artist like DJ Khaled, Selena Gomez and Eminem has contributed in this company.

3. Prabh Deep’s Chitta

Prabh Deep from Azadi Records recently released a music video, for which he went live on Instagram, the track name is ‘Chitta’ and the music video is an animated video. Audio version was already released before and has already got amazing reception from audience.
You can find the LYRICS HERE.

4. Dino James Creates Mirage

Dino James has revealed the name of his upcoming track and the name of the song is ‘Mirage’ by the time you are reading this, teaser would have already been out. Looks like a song on fake lives and happiness and probably this song could hit us hard.

5. EPR Major Collaboration

EPR recently gave an interview to telegram news paper where he discussed various topics. One of them was about his collaboration track with Raftaar. Raftaar promised a collaboration track with EPR on air at MTV Hustle. He said, the back end work has been started & Raftaar has given all the responsibilities to start with the process & soon we might see a collaboration track.

Also in the same interview, EPR also revealed that he is been working on a track with L- Fresh. There is no title to the song yet but the work is in the last stage and EPR might release his first international collaboration track.

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6. KKG’s In Your City

Kala Kurta Gang by Sikander Kahlon has announced and revealed the cover art for their upcoming track, named ‘Your City’. The track consists of Rob C, Sikander Kahlon and Kaka Sady. Looks like Gangsta Vibe Track.

7. Harjas ‘X’ Album

Previously, we talked about Harjas’s new album ‘X’ in our last blog which you can check out HERE. We talked about the announcement that he did about his album, that he will release his album ‘X’ soon. Yesterday he announced that he will only release his album once he completes 1 Lakh subscribers on his Youtube channel which is currently at 15K clearly hinting that this album will be released independently & we might have to wait.

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