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Blog #7 : Emiway International Collab, Dino’s Mirage, Fotty Seven Debut EP & More

1. Dino James’s Mirage

Dino James released a track name ‘Mirage’. The song talks about inner issues of a person. Despite having all the success possible. The song is trending all over on YouTube & has already crosses 3.5 Million, till now with almost 600K likes. You can check out Lyrics of the song HERE.

2. Emiway Goes International Again

Emiway Bantai has announced his upcoming track, the track name is ‘Lonely’ & all set to release on 2nd August. The track is collaboration work with foreign artist ‘PRZNT’. This track could contain some adult content.

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3. Fotty Seven Debut Album

Fotty Seven has revealed the artwork of his upcoming EP & has clearly announced that EP is releasing from Kalamkaar Youtube Channel. This is just a collaboration with Kalamkaar & Fotty is not signed under Kalamkaar Record Label.

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4. Kidshot’s Is Back Again

Kidshot has revealed the poster of his upcoming track which is going to release on 31st July. The track name is ‘Haad Se’ & its releasing from the official channel of Mass Appeal India. Looks like Kidshot is going to talk about his past experience & specific event which made him ‘Kidshot’.

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5. King’s New Ride Mafiia

King is going to release his new track ‘Mafiia’ from his album Carnival, which is releasing today at 6 Pm IST, we think this track will be a banger and will be going to trend on YouTube. You can stay updated HERE.

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6. Harjas’s New Release

Harjas Harjayi released another cover art of his upcoming independent track name ‘TU’. There is no release date yet. We can also expect a collaboration gangsta vibe track of Raga & Harjas. They hinted this via there social media.

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