Ankit Gudwani, better known by the name Fotty Seven is rapper from India known for his unique style of rapping, he was born in the year 1991 in Gurugram, Haryana, India. In the year 2009-2010 when he was in his 12th Standard, his friends from the same class use to rap and Ankit use to dislike rap but later he started listening to John Cena, 50 cents, and Eminem but he was mostly influenced by Eminem. Fotty Seven likes telling stories and he was so inspired by these rapper than he started rapping.

How he got his stage name Fotty Seven is a little interesting, he used his First Name and Last Name initials (A and G) and Silver is a chemical element with the symbol Ag and atomic number 47, that how he got his name FOTTY SEVEN.

In his initial days of rapping Ankit use to rap in english only, his first rap song was uploaded on Youtube with the name Twinkle Twinkle 1’m A P*rnstar in the month of April 2011, he use to write, recorded and produce for himself only because of some financial issues, from the sources we know that Ankit also was a contestant in Indian Got Talent Season 2 but got reject in the second round, but he met some people who what doing the same thing he use to do and interested in and he got his own musical group.

He also said in an interview that he has opened stage shows for many big rappers and singer like Bohemia and Honey Singh, with his rapping career he also started to do Job as he was facing financial issue and things were getting tough. One day Ankit got to know about Naezy’s song ‘Aafat’ and from that date he started rapping in Hindi.

His first Hindi RAP song was Papa which was released in the year 2017 and has more than 1.6 M views and later on he started rapping only in Hindi and he also released some Spoken Word about what our society is facing. In his career he got supported by his family and his girlfriend Tenzin who do his editing and videos.

His career started to rise when he released his three songs Pagal Hai Kya, Chal Nikal and Haan Bhai, from this releases he got supported by many rapper Raftaar, Ikka and more. He also got featured in the video of the song Dilli Waali Baatcheet by Raftaar and sooner or later he is going to drop a song featuring Raftaar and Karma. He also got beef with an amazing rapper Rob C, Rob C dissed him and he answered him subliminally in the song ‘Gooda’ and also ‘Swaha’.

Fotty Seven also took a guest appearance in MTV show, MTV Hustle where he sung an amazing song ‘Galat Launda’ and ‘Pagal Hai Kya’ also for his amazing past work he got supported by Badshah and they made a group named Kaleshi Launde, which is a trio includes Badshah, Fotty Seven himself and another amazing rapper Bali. Fotty released a song ‘Bhot Tej’ featuring Badshah under Sony Music India, which was a hit song and after that he released many song from his own Youtube channel like ‘Theek Hoon Main’ which was a new style he tried from himself, ‘Zero Fark’ and ‘Chaud’ also are they song he released in the year 2020.

He also collaborated with known rapper Ikka in the song ‘Sahi Sahi Sahi’ which was the song which was trending on Youtube in the top 10. His most recent release was ‘Kya Hai’ you can check out this song HERE.

We think this rapper is the future of Indian Hip Hop, as he got a very unique style of music and is dropping bomb music, from the sources we know this year he got a collaboration with Karma and Raftaar together in it, also he got a song in Badshah new album ‘The Power of Dreams of a Kid’ which is from his trio Kaleshi Launde and also he got a feature in Nucleya’s 2020 album.


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