Nucleya Bio

Nucleya – Bio, About, Music, Album and More

Nucleya – Bio, About, Music, Album and More

Udyan Sagar most commonly known my his stage name Nucleya is an indian based Electronic Music Producer and Disc Jockey known for his rich bass and unique style of music.

Born on 7th December 1979 (Age:40) in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India and later got shifted to Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India when he was 3 years old. From the starting when he joined the school he was very naughty and because of this behavior, he never find interest in studies and never liked going to school.But he to play video games and find it every interesting. When he was in Class 11, his father bought him a computer and he was every happy because of this gift, and later Udyan met Mayur who was good in Classical Music. Udyan started learning from Mayur and this was the started of their friendship.Later they started a band named Bandish Projekt in the year 1998 with his fellow friends Mayur Narvekar and Mehirr Nath Choppra, Udyan left Bandish Projekt after working with Mayur for about 12 years as Mayur got shifted to London and Nucleya started focusing on his individual career,this phase was very difficult for him as he was starting a new journey from a new seed and during this time he was financially assisted by his wife.In 2008 he married his long-term girlfriend Smriti Choudhary. The couple currently live in Goa, with their son Guri who was born in 2011.

Nucleya started focusing on the sounds of the streets and started taking inpiration from it and later designed his music style with reference from it and also started uploading music audio on Youtube and after that he released his first album Koocha Monster in 2013 and since then things started picking up. Nucleya has made his mark as an Indian dance music producer, producing anthems that are the soundtrack of a new Indian generation – frenetic, loud and unabashedly Indian. The Nucleya sound is now a genre in itself and has spawned the rise of producers making desi bass.

In the year 2015, he released his next album named as “Bass Rani” which was a big hit and people started grooving to it and Nucleya got many shows because of it,album includes 8 tracks named as’Nucleya – Laung Gawacha feat. Avneet Khurmi’,’Bass Rani’,’Jungle Raja feat. Divine & Gagan Mudgal’,’Aaja feat. Avneet Khurmi & Guri Gangsta’,’Chennai Bass feat. Siva Mani & Chinna Ponnu’,’Heer feat. Shruti Pathak (Dirty Dewarist Remix)’,’Mumbai Dance Feat. Julius Sylvest’ and ‘F**k Nucleya’.

Next year 2016 he released his next album named as “Raja Baja” which was super duper hit which was a Free Download album tracks were ‘Take Me There feat. Kavya Trehan’,’Bhayanak Atma feat. Gagan Mudgal’,’Jind Mahi feat. Avneet Khurmi’,’NUCLEYA x Divine – Scene Kya Hai’,’Lights’and ‘Bakar Bakar’

Then he did many shows in India and International too like EDC and released a single named as ‘Dhoop’ in 2017.

Another Year, Another Album

In the year 2018, he released an album named as”Tota Myna” which includes major collaboration with artists like Raftaar and Shruti Hassan and many more tracks were ‘Mirza feat. Raftaar & Rashmeet Kaur’,’Lori feat. Vibha Saraf,’Sohneya feat. Avneet Khurmi & Soltan’,’Out Of Your Mind feat. Shruti Haasan’,’Going To America feat. Anirudh Ravichander & Anthony Daasan’and’Mahiya feat. Whales & Rashmeet Kaur’ the album was officially released in 2019 on streaming platform.

As a trailblazer of this movement, Nucleya’s role in developing the genre in India is no less significant than what Skrillex did for dubstep in the United States or how Diplo and Major Lazer introduced global bass into the mainstream. It’s no coincidence then that Nucleya has been chosen to open for international touring acts and bonafide bass stars like Skrillex, Major Lazer, Diplo, DJ Snake and Flux Pavilion in India.

From the sources, we got to know that Nucleya is all set to release an album in the year 2020 so stay updated here at Lyrics Gums and recently he released a remix on song named as Thandi Hawa by Ritviz, take a listen to it here.

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