Unforgettable Album Cover

Unforgettable (Album) – Imran Khan | Prestige Records

Unforgettable (Album) – Imran Khan | Prestige Records

Unforgettable is a Debut-Album by Imran Khan released on 21 March 2008 under Prestige Records. Album consists of 15 different songs and  whole album is produced by 2 producers Eren E and Hakan Ozan. Enjoy and stay connected with us @Lyrics Gums !!

Tracks from the Album ‘Unforgettable’ are:

Unforgettable Amplifier | Unforgettable
Unforgettable Aaja We Mahiya | Unforgettable
Unforgettable Hey Girl | Unforgettable
Peli Waar | Unforgettable
Unforgettable Chak Glass | Unforgettable
Unforgettable Nazar | Unforgettable
Imran Khan Superstar | Unforgettable
Gora Gora Rang | Unforgettable
Imran Khan Bounce Billo | Unforgettable
Ni Nachleh | Unforgettable
Unforgettable Album 40 Pra | Unforgettable
Pata Chalgea | Unforgettable
Unforgettable Album Bewafa | Unforgettable
Nai Reina | Unforgettable
Qott Ghusian Da | Unforgettable

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